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Abbey & Brewery
In the village of Engelhartszell, in Upper Austria, is the Abbey of Engelszell, the only Austrian Trappist abbey, founded in 1293.

The Trappist monks arrived at the abbey around 1926, from the abbey of Oelenberg in Alsace, and continued the ancestral brewing activity.


The scarce information we have shows beer production from 1590 onward, which then continued until 1932 under the aegis of the Trappists.

The monastery, whose church is in Rococo style, is now occupied by only about eight monks.

The production statistics of the "first" brewery show the following figures:

  • 1728: 660 measures (buckets),

  • 1795-1797: 4,868 measures (buckets),

  • 1907: approx. 3,000 hl,

  • 1926/27: 6.855 hl


When the brewery shutdown, the brewing equipment was transferred to the Niklas brewery in Wesenufer.

The Abbey of Engelszell recently decided to brew again (the project had been under consideration since 2009 and was completed in 2012).

The new brewery has been active since February 7, 2012. For more information, visit the abbey's website, or read the abbey's press release.

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