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The Dominicans

800 years ago, the Order of Fishermen, also called the Dominicans, in reference to their founder, Dominique de Guzman, was created.

Born in Castile, Dominique instituted the Order of Friar Preachers in 1215, during his visit to Toulouse.

Around 1195, the superior of the chapter of the regular canons of the cathedral of Osma wanted to reform his institution, as the canons were not very fervent. He asked the newly ordained to join them, and they accepted. His kindness appealed to other clerics who choose to return to a rule-conforming life.

In 1206, Innocent III sent Dominique and a group of Cistercian abbots on a mission. They went to the South of France to preach to bring heretics back to the Catholic faith. The religious understood the motivations of Catharism: the Church does not always act in accordance with the Gospel when it comes to poverty, chastity and charity.

In reaction, Dominique founded in Toulouse the first preaching order in 1215. The Dominicans were born.

Their mission: the apostolate and contemplation. A large place is left for prayer and meditation, work is not included in their rule unlike the Benedictines and Cistercians.

The main mission of these Catholic religious was evangelization, which they accomplished through preaching and teaching. Their first mission was the fight against the Cathars in southwestern France where they trained the cadres of the Inquisition.

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